Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Horses Arrive Every Day

Hi Everyone,

Things are starting to get busy here in Hong Kong! Most of the dressage and event horses are at the venue as well as quite a few show jumpers. It is amazing seeing so many beautiful horses in one place. The dressage riders have been riding mostly at night as that is when they will be competing. It's really special watching those horses train.

Tomorrow the main arena is going to be open in the morning and at night for everyone to go in and ride for the first time. We've been taking our horses up to the entrance gate so they are somewhat accustomed to the ring. We'll be able to go in again on August 2, and then on August 6 we are going to jump under the lights in the main arena.

All of our Canadian horses are doing great! Yesterday was our first day back into hard training. Toddy (aka Livewire) had an awesome dressage school. I am so excited with how he is going. All of the other team members had good rides yesterday as well, and I think we pleased our devoted coach with our work. David O'Connor is a wonderful help to all of us and we are all greatly appreciative for having him here to coach the Canadian Eventing Team.

We received our team clothing yesterday as well. We all feel that much more unified when we show up at the stables or the Olympic Village now. The clothes all show some Asian influence, which makes them special for this year.

The horses did a jump school and a short gallop today, and they were all super. Dr. Christiana Ober was on hand to monitor how the horses all recovered from their workout. All of the horses temperatures were very good and cooled quickly. We are so thankful to have Dr. Ober here to take care of all of our horses. She is a truly amazing vet, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her knowledge and ability here with us.

The Canadian Dressage Team arrived yesterday, and all of their horses are healthy and well. It is great having so many Canadian horses here and looking down a barn aisle of Canadian tack trunks and flags. Canada is one of only four nations to qualify a team in all three Olympic disciplines for this year's Olympic Games. Go Canada!!!

I am so excited and thankful to be here at the Games. I am even more thankful to have my wonderful partner, Livewire, with me. He is such a special horse, and I am thrilled we are doing our first Olympic Games together. He has a heart of gold and loves his job more than anything. I am happy to see him adapting so well to this new show environment, and I am glad he is enjoying the experience as much as I am.

Thank you so much again for all of your support and well wishes!

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MelissaR said...

Sam, we stabled next to each other at Jersey Fresh two years ago and hacked out one day. I'm so happy for you to have achieved this dream. Good luck to you both!!!!