Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Team Canada all passed the jog the other day with flying colours! Kyle and Sandra did dressage yesterday morning and their scores were 63 and 60. Both horses reacted to the atmosphere, which there is a lot of. Both horses can do better tests but both riders did the absolute best they could with what there horses were capable of that day. Selena went and rocked last night achieving a score of 44! She rode great and her horse went wonderfully. She is in 16th place after the dressage. I was the fourth of the Canadians to go this morning. Toddy warmed up beautifully and did lovely trot work in the test achieving 6's and 7's throughout the trot work, including the extended trot!!! He became unglued in the canter which was too bad but he is young and he will be better next time. There was a lot going on in the main arena and he handled it super for the first part of the test. Mike was our final rider and he rode great to get a score of 48.

The horses are being shipped over to the cross-country site within the next hour. The cross-country site is about 30 minutes from the main venue. I am headed out to have one more walk around the cross country course so this email is short. Thank you so much to everyone for all of your emails, they mean so much to me!


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